NSERC - Grant...August 2020 by: QRSTF

The Quinte Regional Science and Technology Fair would like to thank NSERC for the grant last year that helped our participants take part in the Canada-wide Science Fair. The grant covered many expenses that would have otherwise,  had to be assumed by the participants.

There were many steps we took to promote the NSERC Young Innovators Award:

  1. Joined NSERC on Facebook.
  2. Added it to our Facebook page
  3. Reposted NSERC posts
  4. Promoted the grant on press releases
  5. Added it to the award’s programme
  6. Added the logo to Sponsors page…http://www.qrstf.ca/sponsors.html
  7. Added the logo and small explanation to the website awards page http://www.qrstf.ca/awards.html
  8. Promoted it with the students and schools
  9. Developed a plan on how to use the funds

Use of the funds:

  1. Students project boards were sponsored (lithographing costs)
  2. Travel while at CWSF was covered
  3. Students jackets to promote QRSTF and CWSF were funded.
  4. Students materials covered for their experiments.

2020- NSERC Young Innovators Award

Since 1960, the Quinte Regional Science and Technology Fair has been providing an opportunity for students to present their scientific research to judges, teachers, students and the public. Due to the countless hours provided by volunteers, this event has been able to help many students to succeed.

Science Fairs offer students in grades 4 to 12 the opportunity to create original scientific research or innovative projects which are then displayed at various levels of competition. Science Fairs are offered at school, district, regional, national and international levels. Science Fair participants progress from a school or district Fair to a regional Science Fair. Each regional Science Fair sends its top projects to the National Fair  - Canada-wide Science Fair.

The Canada-wide Science Fair (since 1962) is where young people engage in a week of competition, socializing, cultural activities, scientific tours and workshops. During the competition and subsequent exhibitions, the participants share their scientific research with others of their age and with many teachers, professors and members of the public.

This year we would like to once again apply for the Young Innovator Award grant. Our science fair will be sending a seven-member team to the Canada-wide Science Fair. With your help and that of our sponsors this will once again be a success.

QRSTF Committee