Welcome to the Fequently Asked Questions PageAugust 2018| by: QRSTF

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Q. When is the Science Fair?

A. The Science Fair this school year is on April 13, 2019 at Loyalist College.

Q. Where is the login page?

A. The login page is located at... ths link.

Q. Where are the instruction videos on how to login and register ?

A. The videos on how to login and register are found at this link.

Q. How can I help ?

A. We are always looking for volunteers and for donations of any kind that will help us to make the experience for everyone fantastic. Contact us

Q. What grade do I have to be in to take part?

A. You need to be in Grades 4-12.

Q. Can I compete if I am the only one at our school?

A. Yes, please contact us and we can make the arrangements with you.