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Judging Information

This web page is setup to provide information about the new judging system that is being created by Youth Science Canada. In the Fall of 2022, YSC will release information about the new system.

If you missed the Judges orientation from 2023.. you can view it on our Youtube channel here 

Judging at the QRSTF

Individuals that volunteer to become judges at QRSTF are a crucial to our science fair; helping to evaluate student projects and providing constructive feedback so students can improve their science and presentation. Every year we as a committee and you as a judge will be amazed by the talent, expertise, and scientific knowledge of these students.

Registration Process for Judges:

The registration process for judges will open up in the fall.

Register with the QRSTF by completing the Google  form found at https://forms.gle/zX2uuDcLGrTz1eSf6Judging at the QRSTFIf you missed the Judges orientation.. you can view it on our Youtube channel here 





Judging at the QRSTF

We are looking for a Judging Coodinator. If you would like to volunteer and help out a great organization. Please contact us. Read the information sheet provided. Click here to read more







Judging at the QRSTF

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Judges Handbook Judging Form QRSTF (take a look at the changes)